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June 25th, 2012

I have finally gotten around to releasing my own set of scripts/packages for the Raspberry Pi!  I would like to introduce everyone to PwnBerryPi!  What started off as contributions to PwnieExpress’s Raspberry Pwn project has been spun off on its own.

Why another Raspberry Pi pentesting distro?  Short answer: because I can.  Long answer: my goals for the project are different from PwnieExpress’s.  I have a feeling that PE is trying to align both their commercial set and the Raspberry Pi suite.  They are also working on some other cool projects that just don’t meet what I am looking for.

I also plan on making several OS customizations and a downloadable image; I don’t think these are in the pipeline for Raspberry Pwn.  These are still in the works.

What else makes it different?  Metasploit, reverse shells, and webshells.  When the RAM settings are changed, Metasploit is usable on the device.  Also I included several reverse shells; Rel1k’s encrypted HTTP shell, a PHP shell, and a perl shell.  The webshells were from a collection on Backtrack.

So please give PwnBerryPi a try and let me know of any changes/issues.

Download the code from github: https://github.com/g13net/PwnBerryPi

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